• Rogers, R. E.; Haskell, A.; White, B. P.; Dalal, S.; Lopez, M.; Tahan, D.; Pan, S.; Kaur, G.; Kim, H.; Barreda, H.; Woodard, S. L.; Benavides, O. R.; Dai, J.; Zhao, Q.; Maitland, K. C.; Han, A.; Nikolov, Z. L.; Liu, F.; Lee, R. H.; Gregory, C. A.; Kaunas, R.

    A scalable system for generation of mesenchymal stem cells derived from induced pluripotent cells employing bioreactors and degradable microcarriers


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  • Kim, H.; Zhao, Q.; Barreda, H.; Kaur, G.; Hai, B.; Choi, J. M.; Jung, S. Y.; Liu, F.; Lee, R. H.

    Identification of Molecules Responsible for Therapeutic Effects of Extracellular Vesicles Produced from iPSC-derived MSCs on Sjögren’s Syndrome

    Aging and Diseases 2021

  • Bhandaru, N; Kaur, G; Panjla, K; Verma, S

    Spin Coating Mediated Morphology Modulation in Self Assembly of Peptides

    Nanoscale 2021

  • Thomas, A.; Kaur, G.; Ali, R.; Verma, S.

    Small Molecule Inhibitors for Amyloid Aggregation

    Biological Soft Matter: Fundamentals, Properties, and Applications, Chapter 6, 2021

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  • Arora, M.; Ganugula, R.; Kumar, N.; Kaur, G.; Pellois, J.‐P.; Garg, P.; Kumar, M. N. V. R

    Next-generation non-competitive nanosystems based on gambogic acid: in silico identification of transferrin receptors binding sites, regulatory shelf-stability and their preliminary safety in healthy rodents

    ACS Appl. Bio Mater. 2019, 2, 3540-3550

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    Selective Cell Adhesion on Peptide–Polymer Electrospun Fiber Mats

    ACS Omega 2019, 4, 4376-4383.

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    A Self-assembled tetrapeptide that acts as a “turn-on” fluorescent sensor for Hg2+ ions

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  • Kaur, Gagandeep

    Ordered Peptide-based Assemblies as Functional Materials


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